20 Home Organizing Tips From Residential House Cleaning Service

Life is busy, we get it. Getting organized at home is challenging at times with or without kids. There are dozens of articles with tips to stay organized at home on the internet today. Here are just 20 organizational tips from an Upper Valley Residential House Cleaning Service. We hope you enjoy!

  1. Spices

    Do you buy spices and need a place to store them. Reuse those old baby jars and store them in the kitchen drawer upside down. This helps you to identify the spice quickly and not look cheap.


So you have a bunch of instruction manuals for all of the appliances in the kitchen. Don’t fret, get a 3 ring binder and store them all together in your kitchen or pantry. It keeps them clean and handy for when you need them.

Take Out Menus

Do you enjoy a good take out meal from local restaurants in the area? You probably have a drawer full of take out menus then. Here’s how to get them organized.Stuff all of the menus into a large zip lock bag or get a wall mount file sorter and mount it to the side of your fridge. This will get them out of the drawer, but keep them accessible.

The Mail

Get a basket and put it near the door or on the kitchen counter. This is an excellent way to keep the mail and permission slips from the kids in one central location. These are the items that require your immediate attention.

Dog Food

Don’t store the dog food on the floor in a bag. The rodents will get to it at some point. Get a small trash can with a lid. Wash and dry and dump the whole bag of dog food in there with a scoop.

Grocery Shopping

Get a magnet clip holder for the fridge. Clip the paper to the refrigerator door. Write down the items you run out of during the week. At the end of the week, you can grab the sheet and go.

Bathroom Supplies

Post a sheet of paper or a large sticky note for everyone to write down bathroom supplies needed.

Cleaning Supplies

Get a cleaning caddy for your bathroom and kitchen. Load them up with cleaning products and microfiber cleaning cloths. Now your cleaning supplies are ready to go.

Shopping Bags

If you are like most Americans, you end up with a bunch of plastic shopping bags at the end of each week. Don’t throw them away. Recycle them and store them in used Kleenex boxes til you need them.

Entryway & Shoes

With multiple people in the home, you are bound to end up with 5-10 pairs of shoes near the doorway. Get a different basket for each person to put their shoes in and get them off the floor.

Busy Schedules

Is your family busy all the time? Get a large white board or paint the wall in your mudroom with chalkboard paint.  Family members can now easily leave messages for one another.

Little Kids Closet

Getting clothes from the closet can be challenging for little kids under the age of 8 years old. Install a low bar in the closet for easy access and hang their pants, shirts, and dresses from it.

Closet Space

Closets can get messy and unorganized easily as we go through each day. Get a closet organization system installed and it will save you time and make getting dressed in the morning easier.

Dinner Recipes

Get a small cork board and hang it up in your kitchen. This is a great way to clip and save your favorite dinner recipes and keep them handy.

Magazine and Newspapers

Get a wire wine rack for the bathroom or living room. Roll up your newspapers and magazines and store them in a creatively and organized.

Household Bills

Tired of the monthly bills floating all over the desk. Get an accordion file folder to store you bills in as they come in the mail each month.

Loose Power Cords

Tired of all of those power cords lurking behind your desk, tv, and other appliances? Go to you local garden center and buy a roll of Twist Wire. It typically comes in green or black. Now you can twist tie all of those loose wires throughout the house together.

Gloves, Hats, Mittens, Ball Caps

After playing in the rain or snow kids tend to leave their wet clothing piled at the doorway.  Get two nails, nail them into the wall and string wire between them. Hang the wet clothing up as your kids come into the house on the wire.

Soda Cans

Get a couple of soda can dispensers and put one in the fridge and two in your pantry. This is a quick, easy way to organize soda cans and save space.

Digital Photos

Have you ever had a computer crash and lose all of your photos? Get a portable hard drive and auto-backup software to backup your photos and files on a regular basis. Services like Mozy.com will store your data in the cloud for safe keeping and allow you to recover after a crash.

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