4 Ways to Overcome the Spread of Germs in the Workplace

All of us at one time or another have been at the office and hear someone around us cough. When we are all locked away behind closed windows and not getting fresh air, it is easy for viruses and bacteria to spread. Your office can become a petri dish (perfect breeding ground) for the spread of illness throughout your workforce. Here are some practical tips on how to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace.

stay healthy - prevent germs

1. Stay Home!
Lets clarify, we’re not telling you to stay home from work for the fun of it (although it would be fun to have an extra vacation). So many employees feel that it is better to go to work sick than miss the all to important fast pace of work meetings and deadlines. This is why you should stay home, by coming to work while you are sick you are spreading the germs to all of your co-workers. This can end up costing you and the company even more time and money. If you have a cold, flu or whatever is making you sick that is contagious, stay home. Go to the doctor, drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Don’t return to your job until you are non-contagious and are at peak performance.


2. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More.
What if you are at work and your healthy, but someone else comes in sick. Contamination by someone else does happen. An easy way to guard against those pesky germs is to clean everything. Don’t be afraid to take a disinfectant wipe and/or spray and clean all of those common areas that spread germs. Wipe everything that they might have touched. Doors, Keyboards, phones, door-handles, sinks, etc..


3. Mom Always Said “Wash Your Hands”
Even with all of the high-tech methods we have today of trying to stay clean. Washing your hands is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizers are good for on the go or in a pinch, but nothing beats soap and water. Every time you use the restroom, shake someones hands, blow your nose, sneeze you should go to the restroom and wash your hands with hot soapy water and then dry them with a paper towel.


4. Shake or Don’t Shake?
Have you ever gone into a meeting with someone and later found out that they were sick after you shook their hand. Bummer, now it is too late. The germs have landed. When people are sick, it is perfectly okay to decline shaking their hand. If you have been sick recently, don’t shake their hand and tell them politely that you were sick recently and don’t want to spread the germs.


Key Take-A-Way:

If you work in an office or are a travel sales person, take a moment to wash your hands a few times a day. Washing your hands regularly will reduce the spread of germs and help to keep you healthy and germ free.

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