5 Residential Cleaning Myths You Should Abandon Now

We love the DIY residential cleaning tips that are teeming across the internet by the thousands, but some of these cleaning strategies just don’t work. We, of course, want you to be able to clean your home effectively without costing you more or possibly causing harm from a myth that is floating around on the internet. Here are five myths that you should abandon today about DIY cleaning.

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1. Newspaper can clean windows

Newspaper is great, cheap and readily available. While all of this is true, here are the things about newspaper that you may not have thought about. Newspaper is full of ink and when you get it wet it does not hold together. Once the newspaper is wet, the ink will rub off onto the windows and window trim that you are trying to clean. Now you have dirtied the windows with ink.


2. Vinegar is magical and cleans anything

White vinegar is great and can be used to clean certain things in your home. Vinegar is great for cleaning many surfaces in your home, but there are certain areas that you do not want to use vinegar. Vinegar is bad for hardwood floors, wax floors and unsealed grout. Why is this bad? Vinegar is an acid and will break down the finish on your floors, thus damaging the floors instead of cleaning them. Here is a quick guide on where to use vinegar in the home.


3. Coca-Cola as a cleaning agent

Coca-cola is great for cleaning the toilet bowl. This may seem like a great idea because of the citric acid that is in coca-cola. Yes, the acid will have an effect on your toilet bowl, but what you did not think about is the massive amount of sugar that you are introducing into the toilet bowl that will attract bacteria. Bacteria in the toilet is bad. If you have to clean the toilet, this is where vinegar is a great cleaner.


4. Handwashing dishes is better

For some of us out there hand washing dishes is very satisfying. However, the thought that hand washing dishes can do a better job than you dishwasher is just not true. The water in the dishwasher gets hotter than what you would use to put your hands in. Hot water is the best way to remove germs from your dishes. The other factor is you leave a larger carbon footprint from hand washing than using a dishwasher. The dishwasher is just more efficient in cleaning those dishes than humans are.


5. Always wash in cold water

Washing your clothes in cold water may save some money on the oil or gas bill. However, what about if you are sick? How do you get rid of the bacteria and flu virus that is lingering in your clothes after you have been sick? Hot water is the best way to kill all of those germs. Hot water kills mold, viruses and other germs that may be living in your washer. So, don’t just wash in cold all the time, run a cycle or two on hot to keep your washer germ free.


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