5 Ways to use Baking Soda for everyday cleaning

Most cleaning products today are packed with chemicals, perfumes and toxins that are not good for your body. These cleaners are not only bad for your health but are terrible for the environment. In a previous article “Top 5 Chemical Free, Plant Based Cleaners you can learn more about some great cleaners that are safe for you and your family. Today we are going to focus on Baking Soda. Most people think of Baking Soda for cooking, but we underestimate the power of Baking Soda all the time. It is a healthier option for cleaning and is very effective. Here are five ways you can use Baking Soda to clean your home.


Cleaning the Toilet

Let’s face it, I hate cleaning the bathroom. I do not know of anyone that enjoys cleaning any part of the bathroom. However, it is an area of the house that we spend a great deal of time. Toilets are at risk for stains on a regular basis. Minerals that are in the water will stain the bowl and create a brown colored ring.

An excellent way to keep the toilet bowl clean and prevent those harsh water stains is to sprinkle your toilet with a cup of baking soda once a week. After thirty minutes’ spray vinegar in the bowl and scrub clean. When you are done, flush the toilet, and you are done.


Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are inevitable when you have carpeting in your house. Nobody wants a stain on the carpet, but the important thing to remember here is to clean it up quickly. Blotch the stain with paper towels to prevent the stain from sinking into the carpet. If you have a stain that has set in, apply baking soda and vinegar to the spot. First soak the stain in vinegar and then pile on some baking soda, spray a little more vinegar, so the baking soda sets in. Let it sit for thirty minutes or more. Wipe up the stain and then vacuum the area.


Smelly Laundry Machine

Have you ever gone to your washing machine and it smells like molding clothing? This happens when you leave wet clothes in the washer machine overnight or all day. An excellent way to tackle this and get your whites whiter and your colors brighter is to add some baking soda to the water. The baking soda softens the water and increases the potency of the bleach and laundry detergents.


Stinky Fridge

Everyone has experienced this one at one time or another. You leave that leftover dish in the fridge without a lid, and when you open the door in the morning, the smell almost knocks you over. You can eliminate bad odors by storing a box of opened baking soda in the back of your fridge.


Coffee Pot Stains

Coffee and tea stains are hard to get out of cups and coffee pots. An excellent way to reduce the bitterness is to soak your coffee cups in some water with baking soda. For tougher stains add ¼ cup more of baking soda to the water to break up those more difficult stains.

Baking soda and vinegar are an excellent combination for cleaning the home for all variety of tasks. We also use vinegar as a general cleaner for most surfaces in our home.

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