Dennis Goodrich was born with an eye for detail. It’s a characteristic that would be an asset in any line of work, but goes particularly well with cleaning services. Dennis spots things that other people overlook. He was also one of those rare kids who liked to keep his own room neat and tidy.

Those personality traits came in handy when he joined the military at age 19. Barracks detail – a real pain to the other troops – gave Dennis a lot of satisfaction. It also provided his first experience with commercial-grade cleaning equipment, under the sharp eye of sergeants who just loved to find a speck or two of grime left behind. Dennis disappointed them – he never missed anything they could chew him out for.

After leaving the military, Dennis worked for several companies, big and small, both as cleaning staff in large facilities and with professional cleaning companies. He learned new techniques that were more suited to residential cleaning, and new technologies that improved service in residential and commercial settings alike. But he noticed one thing early on: many cleaners, from the employees in the field right up to the managers and owners, didn’t share his high level of attention to detail, and that had an obvious impact on the quality of the cleaning job. Obvious to Dennis, at least. “I’ve always had the yearning to do things right,” he explains, “because any job that you do speaks words about you as a person.”

One problem with a growing company is that owners can’t always attract employees who share their same standards. And then there are problems with scheduling and equipment that lead managers to let quality slip a little in order to suit the needs of the company, not the customers. To Dennis, success is measured by a level of quality that will satisfy both himself and the most demanding of customers. (Think about those sergeants.) With that goal in mind, he started his own company – Goodrich Cleaning – in 2012, a company that would be a pleasant place to work, with people who shared his attention to detail, and would never skimp on quality in order to get bigger. As a result, Goodrich Cleaning has established a following of loyal repeat customers in Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon, and West Lebanon, people who are happy to praise the high quality of work, honest pricing, and personalized attention they receive for every cleaning task.

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