The Advantages Steam Cleaning Your Home In The Upper Valley

Steam cleaners have taken a big jump forward in the past couple years as a clean alternative for Upper Valley House Cleaning. It is clearly a healthy and green alternative to cleaning with chemicals in your home. Chemicals can clean, but most leave some type of residue behind along with fragrances. These chemicals and fragrances adversely affect allergy sufferers and people many Americans today. Here are some advantages to using steam cleaning in your home. 

Three Types of Cleaners

  1. Vapor Cleaners

The most versatile type of steam cleaner on the market today is the vapor steam cleaner. These types of cleaners typically have a longer run time and offer a vast array of attachments for versatility in cleaning your home. These types of cleaners are generally in shaped like a canister vacuum. 

  1. Steam Mops

Steam mops are lightweight and versatile for floor cleaning. They are an excellent alternative to canister steam cleaners if you are looking to clean only your floor. They are primarily used to clean flooring like tile sealed hardwood, linoleum, and laminate flooring. These are a great alternative to your traditional mop with chemicals. 

  1. Handheld Steam Cleaners

Handheld cleaners have an advantage for cleaning those spots in your home that you can’t reach with a larger unit. These units are perfect for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Your kitchen and bathroom a susceptible to hard water stains, mildew, and grime. The steam from a handheld cleaner will get into the pores without the extra scrubbing and get rid of the grime. 

The Heat of a steam cleaner

One of the biggest benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Home In The Upper Valley is you don’t have to get the surface soaking wet to get it clean. Steam cleaners typically heat the water to 150 to 300 degree. A good reliable steam cleaner will generally keep the temperature around 245 degrees. This helps to loosen dirt and baked on messes that ordinary cleaners can’t touch. 


Advantages of Steam Cleaning at Home

Steam cleaning technology has been around for a little while. First invented approximately 15-20 years ago. There are two main ways steam cleaners get that super high heat. 

The first is by the internal boiler. If you get one of these, make sure it has a boiler that is made with stainless steel. These last longer and far surpass other types of boilers in steam cleaners on the market today. 

Advantage #1 – Carpet Cleaning

You probably have used a carpet cleaner at one point in your life. These cleaners are typically rented out and don’t use steam to clean your carpets. They use a hot water extraction system. The carpet is generally flooded with water and chemical cleaners to the point of soaking the fibers. Then the vacuum sucks up 80% – 90% of the water leaving a significant amount of water in and under the carpets surface. These types of conditions are exactly what you don’t want in your carpet surface. These wet conditions if not properly vented and dried lead to mold and mildew. It can potentially make your situation worse than before you started. Using a hot water extraction system can make your carpets look good, but they cannot give you the deep, healthy cleaning that a steam cleaner can get. 

Advantage #2 – Steam Cleaning is Better Than Chemicals

Cleaning with chemicals like bleach has several disadvantages like: 

  • chemical residues
  • chemical vapors
  • chemical burns
  • Eye irritations

By switching your cleaning strategy to Steam Cleaning Your Home with a steam cleaner, you can dispose of all the chemicals. When you eliminate the chemicals, you reduce the exposure to chemicals that cause and effect people with allergies, asthma, and MCS. 

Advantage #3 – Steam Cleaner Features

There are hundreds of steam cleaners on the market today. Here are some of the key features you want to look for when you are shopping. 

  1. Continuous Refill 

This feature is great, and you should choose a steam cleaner that has this. Continuous refill means as you work throughout your house, you don’t have to stop and start. You can add water to the unit while you clean. These types of steam cleaning systems have two tanks. One if the reserve tank and the other is the boiler that converts water to steam. This allows you to keep working without waiting for water to boil over and over. 

  1. Heat up Time

Water heat up time is another crucial feature in a steam cleaning unit. Most steam cleaners today have a 7 minute to 15 min. window for heat time. Some of the more advanced units can boil water in 5 minutes. As you are shopping, don’t be afraid to consider a professional line of steam cleaner. They are going to last longer and perform better too. 

  1. Pressure 

Most consumers today think that the higher the pressure, the better the steam cleaning unit. Pressure is necessary, but not at the expense of “consistent pressure”. Consistent pressure in a steam unit mean consistent performance in cleaning. Yes, the higher the pressure, the faster it will heat up. Look for a steam cleaning unit that has high pressure and a good rating on consistent pressure. This is essential in Steam Cleaning Your Home In The Upper Valley. 

  1. Volume Control

Most steam cleaning models today have a volume control on the handle. This feature is important as it allows you to move from one type of surface to another with ease. Volume control allows you to maintain the amount of steam that is coming out of the nozzle. This will affect the amount of moisture you leave behind on a surface. Some surfaces you need more moisture to get deep into the surface, other you only need a little. Choose a steam cleaning unit that has good ratings on the volume control. 


Often it ‘s hard to find the time to clean the home to the level of sanitizing. This is where you kill all the germs on the surface that you are cleaning. Give us a call and find out how we use our steam cleaning unit when we clean your home. 

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