Benefits of Leaving Upper Valley Window Cleaning To The Pros

Summer is one of the favorite seasons for us at Goodrich Cleaning. There really is nothing better than the warm sunny days, green grass and a gentle summer breeze. What comes with all of the sun and fun is smudges, dirt, dust, and grime on your windows. At Goodrich Cleaning we have years of experience in Upper Valley Window Cleaning for residential and commercial customers.

You might think about tackling cleaning those windows at home on a Saturday morning during all of the other chores. At work the windows you have in the forefront of your customers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The longer you let your windows stay dirty the worse the impression is going to your customers.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire Upper Valley Window Cleaning specialists to help you maintain your business.

1 Cost Effectiveness

You might think it is cheaper to use the janitorial staff that you have currently to clean those windows. Many businesses don’t take into consideration the hidden costs of cleaning it on their own. For example, your employee is paid by the hour, but that isn’t the only cost you incur in using your own staff. When you factor in elements like worker comp, insurance, and other benefits. These employee benefits increase the cost of the job significantly.

The cost of outsourcing many of these duties to an Upper Valley Cleaning Service can save your company thousands of dollars annually. You pay service and nothing more.

2 Quality Control

When you hire an Upper Valley Window Cleaning Service, you are hiring people that are experts in window cleaning. They have gone through training and learned best practices in how to clean. Many of these best practices address the hundreds of different types of windows on the market today. Professionals also know how to clean them without causing damage.

Professional window cleaners also have specialized equipment to clean windows faster and more efficiently.

3 Safety

Depending on the height of the windows in your home or business, cleaning your windows can present a serious safety hazard. Every time that person goes up and down a ladder with a bunch of gear on an extension ladder, they are risking falling and getting hurt. The last thing you want is an employee or family member in the hospital because the fell off the ladder is trying to reach to clean your windows.

Our staff at Goodrich Cleaning has the training and necessary gear to clean windows at ground level and 2-3 stories high above ground level. If the windows are higher than 3 stories tall, then we employee safety harnesses and other safety measures while cleaning windows.

4 Convenience “ A Piece of Mind”

One of the largest benefits of hiring an Upper Valley Window Cleaning service is you don’t have to worry about cleaning your windows. This sounds silly, but you are more valuable to your company in doing what you are an expert at. Goodrich Cleaning works out a cleaning schedule with you. We clean the interior and exterior of your building without you having to worry about it getting done. We take the hassle out of cleaning with consistent schedules and timely follow-ups. This ensure the highest quality cleaning possible for you.

At Goodrich Cleaning “Clear, Simple, Quality” is our tag line because we strive to provide that for every customer, every time. We work closely with you to develop the right cleaning schedule and the right cleaning plan for your business. Give us a call at 603-727-6343 or request a quote online.

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