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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 1

Flu Facts To Stay Healthy and Clean This Winter

By DennisG. / October 30, 2019

Flu Can Be Serious The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness and, at times, can lead to death. Every flu season is different, and the flu can affect people differently. Every flu…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 2

Cleaning Tip: Winterizing Your Toilet

By DennisG. / October 19, 2019

If you have a second home in a cold-weather climate, then this article is for you. As you close up your cabin or second-home, your bathroom could reach freezing temperatures this winter. You’ll want to shut off the water to your toilet and any other areas of the house that…

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upper valley carpet cleaning, hanover nh

What Are The Worst Things To Spill On Your Carpet?

By DennisG. / October 12, 2019

Anything that you spill on your carpet can ruin it, but there are some things that stain your carpet worse than others. Here are some of the worst things you can spill on your carpets. Blood Even if you are cautious, accidents still happen around your home. If you spill…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 3

10 Home Trends For Fall 2019

By DennisG. / October 5, 2019

No matter where you live a serious storm can cause damage to your house. In the Northeast, we can have heavy rain, flooding, blizzards, and tornadoes. Whether you are prepped for disaster or need to take inventory of the damage to your home, here are some tips for cleaning up…

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upper valley residential cleaning

Five Upper Valley Residential Cleaning Tips to Get Ready for Winter

By dennis / September 25, 2019

Summer is finally over, and we have to say goodbye to the warm sunny days and cold nights. One of our favorite times of the year is summer with trips to the ocean.The smell of the salt air, soaking in the hot sun and sand between our toes. Those are…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 4

2 Reasons You Should Include Upholstery Cleaning In Your Facility Plan

By DennisG. / September 13, 2019

Many facility managers today focus on how the surfaces “look dirty” from everyday use. It’s understandable because how your facility looks will affect your customers impression of your business. Having a good appearance makes a good impression. Even if it looks clean, is it really clean? That’s why we recommend…

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6 Area Rug Ideas To Keep You Warm This Winter

6 Area Rug Ideas To Keep You Warm This Winter

By DennisG. / September 6, 2019

Sometimes a room without a rug just feels empty. Rugs or carpet truly are an essential component to making your home feel comfortable. There really is nothing like waking up in the morning to a warm rug touching your feet instead of a cold floor. We understand the importance of…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 5

Top Five Scary Spooky Things Hiding In Your Carpet

By DennisG. / August 31, 2019

Have you ever thought about the things that get tracked, stomped, spilled into your carpets? Simply walking on your carpets by you, your children, your cat or dog tracks dirt, grime, allergens and stains. Halloween is just around the corner and here are the top 5 scariest things lurking in…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 6

How To Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving

By DennisG. / August 24, 2019

Did you know that 80% of moves occur in the months of April and September? One of the biggest concerns for any renter whether it is an apartment, condo, townhouse or house is getting back their security deposit. In some cases these deposits can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 7

The 6 Most Forgotten Spots In Your Home

By DennisG. / August 17, 2019

When it comes to cleaning your home you most likely clean the most common areas first but neglect other areas. This is what happens to most people. As a cleaning company we see the top areas that get overlooked. Here are the top 8 most forgotten spots. #1: The Trash…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 8

Cleaning Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors

By DennisG. / August 10, 2019

Do you have glass doors in your shower? After a while, you probably have noticed that soap scum builds up on the glass. Soap scum is caused by the mixture of fats, minerals and soap in your shower water. Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with soap scum on…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 9

Upper Valley Daily Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

By DennisG. / July 27, 2019

Stock hand towels, tissue, and hand soap Empty sanitary napkin receptacles and wipe with a disinfectant Empty trash cans and wipe Clean and polish mirrors Wipe towel cabinet covers Toilets and urinals to be cleaned and sanitized inside and outside. Polish bright work Toilet seats to be cleaned on both sides…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 10

4 Expert Cleaning Secrets Of Mine To Share With You

By DennisG. / July 20, 2019

I have been in the cleaning business now for a long time and I have come across some shortcuts or as we call them cleaning hacks that really help save time. I’m not into cutting corners, but if there is a smarter way of doing something that saves time and…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 11

Top Questions To Ask A Cleaning Company

By DennisG. / July 12, 2019

Finding the right cleaning company in the Upper Valley can be a challenging task for anyone. There are so many people out there today that have started up their own cleaning service. Many customers just don’t know where to begin. One of the best forms of advertising still is word-of-mouth…

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Carpet Cleaning Dwell Time: Why It’s So Important

By DennisG. / July 6, 2019

Imagine your carpet is part of your wardrobe. Would you only clean the stains by washing them hoping that the washer machine got everything? No, of course not! The stains in your clothing don’t come out with a little pre-treatment. Your carpet is the same way. Your carpet is the…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 12

Keep Your Commercial Flooring Looking Young

By DennisG. / June 28, 2019

Whether you have hard surface floors or carpet here are some considerations to take into account as your floors age. This article is to help you with some tips to make your carpet or hard surface flooring look its best as it ages. KEEP HARD SURFACE FLOORS PRISTINE First you…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 13

What Floors Are Good With Pets?

By DennisG. / June 21, 2019

If you are the owner of a furry friend, you probably have noticed at some point that pets can take a toll on your home. One of the first places pets can cause damage is your floor. If you are considering remodeling your home or purchasing a new home, consider…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 14

10 Summer Tips To Fight Allergies

By DennisG. / June 15, 2019

Spring always brings allergens back into the swing of our environments each year. After you settle into the spring season, summer invites more allergens to handle. Many people are anxious about the warmer weather and all of the allergens that come with it. For some people these allergens in the…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 15

How Do You Clean Rugs Versus Carpets?

By DennisG. / June 8, 2019

Many people today think that cleaning rugs is the same as cleaning carpets in your home or business. A quick pass of the vacuum cleaner and your carpet or rug is clean. Unfortunately, this is false. Rugs are different than their siblings carpet. Each one requires unique cleaning and here’s…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 16

Can Your Upper Valley Home Be To Clean?

By DennisG. / May 30, 2019

The definition of clean for most people related to your home is “the absence of unwanted matter.” Do we really have our homes just the way we want them completely absent of all dirt, clutter and grime? Unwanted matter What is that unwanted matter that we are talking about? Unwanted…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 17

2019 Best Facility Management Trends

By DennisG. / May 23, 2019

Being a facility manager requires staying up to date with current trends in management and technologies. It is hard to keep up to date with all trends. Here are three trends that are important to facility manager this year. 1 Real-Time Work Order Software Managing paperwork is a hassle. It…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 18

Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Stain Guard?

By DennisG. / May 15, 2019

You’re sitting at your desk and that morning cup of coffee is just a little to full. It seems harmless enough until you turn just right and the coffee goes flying all over the carpet in your office. Does this sound to familiar? You run to get the paper towels…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 19

5 Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Practices To Be More Sustainable

By DennisG. / May 8, 2019

Businesses that adopt environmentally friendly practices show they are good stewards. In 2018, J Thompson Intelligence did a study showing that consumers are more likely to buy from companies that adopt sustainable practices. How can your facility adopt sustainable practices? Here are some tips to help you get started. 1…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 20

Proper Carpet Cleaning Process Example

By DennisG. / April 27, 2019

There are many ways that people clean their carpets today, but there are also many shortcuts taken in cleaning carpets by many cleaning companies. In order to protect and preserve your carpets and provide you with the best results possible, here is an example process for carpet cleaning. 1 Inspection…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 21

5 Lessons For Hiring The Right Office Cleaning Contractor

By DennisG. / April 23, 2019

You’ve already been through two or three cleaning contractors in the past year. You’re frustrated and don’t think you’ll be able to find the right one. We understand your frustration. That is why we wrote this article to give your five important aspects in hiring your last commercial cleaning company.…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 22

Green Benefits of Carpeting

By DennisG. / April 16, 2019

Most people when they are going through the design/build process of their new home have thought about the different types of flooring available today. In many rooms, people choose hardwood floors for the ease of cleaning. Carpet provides comfort, warmth and style to your home. But did you ever think…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 23

Lunch and Breakroom Daily Cleaning Checklist

By DennisG. / April 9, 2019

Did you know that the typical office plays host to hundreds of different types of bacteria? This bacteria can spread throughout your office easily as employees move throughout the building. This includes where you prepare and eat your food each day. Recent studies show that germs in the office kitchen,…

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lebanon nh carpet cleaning

Emergency: 5 Signs That Your Carpet Has Mold!

By DennisG. / March 25, 2019

Carpets in certain areas of your home are going to be prone to mold. Mold can easily grow in damp places. If left unchecked mold in your carpet can spread quickly. It can be difficult to determine whether your carpet has mold because it can grow in between the carpet…

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Professional Cleaning Company

4 Bulletproof Reasons To Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

By DennisG. / March 10, 2019

Running a successful business means focusing your energy on managing your employees and delegating other tasks. One of those tasks is instead of handling the cleaning internally, you can hire a professional cleaning company. If you run a cleaning company and understand what it takes to clean and disinfect surfaces…

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out! 24

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Look Out!

By DennisG. / February 28, 2019

While your carpets may not need to be cleaned as often as a hardwood floor, it is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned every 18 months minimum. Most manufacturers recommend every 12-18 months for deep cleaning. DIY Cleaning Mistakes Ideally your carpet should be cleaned by a professional cleaner with…

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