Carpet Cleaning Services and Road Salt Stains In Your Rugs

The weather in New England during the winter can be brutal on your rugs and for carpet cleaning services in the Upper Valley. The more snow we get during the winter months, the more we track road salt into our homes and offices. Road salt is not the easiest thing to remove from rugs. The white outline of a shoeprint will stay on your carpets and area rugs for a while until you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

You might be tempted to remove the salt stains yourself with some of the homemade solutions mentioned on the internet these days. One of those is to use white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and blot the stain out. The problem with many of these home remedy solutions is they often doesn’t follow manufacturer guidelines in caring for your rug.

upper valley professional carpet cleaning services
Carpet Cleaning Services and Road Salt Stains In Your Rugs 3

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services To Remove Stains

Poor rug cleaning can lead to many issues with your carpet and rugs. Here are just some of the many issues that arise:

  • Dyes Bleeding
  • Damage to rug fibers
  • Harmful chemicals being used
  • Setting stains in the rug instead of removing stains
  • Leaving behind odors
  • Leaving to much moisture in your rugs which leads to mold

The same can happen when we fail to clean rugs on a regular basis. Many rug/carpet manufacturers call for professionally cleaning your rugs/carpets annually or bi-annually. All of these problems lead to a shorter rug/carpet life.

Once Hired, What To Look For

Great, now that you have decided to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, here are some things that you should look for after the job is done to make sure that they did your carpet cleaning correctly.

Wicking / Reappearance of stains
If you see a stain come back after a carpet cleaning, it can be from soap residue being left in the carpet fibers. This soap triggers rapid re-soil and causes wicking upon drying. Excessive soap is not necessary when cleaning your carpets.

Carpet Browning
This happens after your carpet dries. There are many causes for this. Mostly it is from a bad cleaning job. If a carpet is deeply soiled and not vacuumed properly before professionally cleaning it with soap and water, it can cause dirt to rise to the surface and drown your carpets. Vacuuming is key to professional carpet cleaning. It is the first step.

Carpet Textures

Some tufted carpets are likely to form bubbles or ripples after a cleaning. This can be resolved via a drying service. It is often from an over saturation of water and lack of drying properly. Make sure your professional carpet cleaning service isn’t using to much water and is properly drying your carpets before leaving. Many use a portable drying unit to help move the air across the carpets to speed drying times.

upper valley professional carpet cleaning services
Carpet Cleaning Services and Road Salt Stains In Your Rugs 4

Tips For Finding A Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Finding a professional carpet cleaning service in your area can be a challenge. You want to hire someone that is going to treat your carpets/rugs with utmost care. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  1. Watch out for low prices or large discounts. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services take time and require expertise. If the company providing the services is offering huge discounts well below their competitors, beware.
  2. Ask for referrals! When you walk into a home or business that has clean carpets/rugs, ask the owner or office manager who does the cleaning. This can be a great way to get introduced to reputable, local professional carpet cleaning services companies in the area.
  3. Focus on experience and not price. While it is important to support local and upcoming small businesses, entrust your carpets/rugs to someone that has years of experience, training and certifications. These companies invest the time and energy into training their employees to clean carpets/rugs correctly.

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