Carpet Cleaning Worst Stains In NH & VT

When asked what are the worst stains for carpet cleaning, there are many, but a few come to mind after years of professionally cleaning houses and office spaces in Vermont and New Hampshire. Some of the most common stains that happen are coffee, soda, wine, mud, and grease. But not all of those are the worst to remove from carpets. Here is a list based on years of carpet cleaning in the Upper Valley.

carpet cleaning in VT & NH
Carpet Cleaning Worst Stains In NH & VT 3

Number Four: VOMIT

Yes, we said it, vomit is one of the worst stains to have to clean up. Nobody wants to do it. It happens to everyone each year during flu season or at that party with friends and acquaintances. Someone had a little to much to drink or your kiddo picked up the nasty bug at school and brought it home only to vomit on your rug. Your first instinct is to grab some dish soap and scrub away at the stain only to wake up the next morning to an awful smell from your carpet.

Dish soap won’t get rid of that smell. According to the Rug Institute of America

Number Three: COFFEE

Coffee is another great stain maker for your carpets. This is a deceptive one because coffee is mostly water-based. Once the water is dried in your carpet fibers, the dark stain of coffee is left. Many carpet cleaning services spend a fair amount of time cleaning coffee stains because they are so hard to remove once set into the fibers of the carpet.

Number Two: Blood

Blood is one of the most common stains to remove from carpets for professional carpet cleaning services. It also is one of the most difficult to remove once set in. Most home remedies don’t work in cleaning up the blood. All too often people scrub stains into the carpet when they first happen. This pushes the stain further into the fibers of the carpet making it more difficult to remove blood stains. Many blood stains seep deep into the carpet fibers and into the floor below leaving a long-lasting stain that often can be permanent. Bloodstains need to be cleaned as soon as possible so they don’t sit too long on our carpet.

Number 1: Grape Juice / Wine

Grape juice or wine accounts for the majority of carpet cleaning calls that we get. These stains often have a deep purple color or red color. The thinness of the liquid allows it to seep right through the fibers deep into the carpet and carpet pad often into the wood floor underneath. This makes then very difficult to clean up. When first treating a wine or grape juice stain, don’t scrub, blot the stain with a paper towel or microfiber cloth to try and remove as much of the liquid as possible.

Carpet Cleaning in VT & NH
Carpet Cleaning Worst Stains In NH & VT 4

Bonus Stains: INK

Whether a ball point pen or an ink cartridge, ink spills are not as common, but still are hard to remove from carpets. When they do happen, they often get missed right away and are spread throughout the house. While ink doesn’t penetrate deep into the carpet fibers or the pad, it tends to be more permanent because of the type of ink.

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