Don’t Use A Night Stand, Use These Creative Options Instead

What is a nightstand? Most people have seen them over the years as a small stand that sits on either side of your bed. It can be a little table, a drawer with shelves or just a shelf. This is the place you want to put stuff like books, keys, and lamps next to the bed for easy access.

The bedroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. Most often, you can see drastic changes in your living spaces just by adding one simple change. You may be one of those people that want a little extra charm and not just your standard blah piece of furniture. Nightstands can be made with many items around the home. If you can’t find anything in your home to repurpose, get out to your local flea market where you can find all kinds of unique things to make into a nightstand.

Here are some ideas to help you create your one of kind night stand.

1 Storage Box Nightstand

Image credit: motherearthliving

2 Pallet Crate Nightstand

Image credit: intelyex

3 DIY Old Milk Can Night Stand

Image credit: worldinsidepictures

4 Pet Bed / Nightstand

Image credit: diynetwork

5 A Simple Stack of Books

Image credit: browzer

6 An Old Wooden Barrell

Image credit: homedit

7 DIY Wooden Crates Nightstand

Image credit: imgarcade

8 Rustic Nightstand

Image credit: wordpress

9 Antique Box Chest Nightstand

Image credit: bobvila

10 Reusable DIY Crate Nightstand

Image credit: blogspot

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