Five Cleaning Hacks For People Who Hate Cleaning

Who doesn’t like a clean home? If you ask that question to anyone, most people would say that they want a clean house. The challenge we all have is not all of us are gifted at cleaning or even motivated to clean our homes.
We found five brilliant ideas for everyone that hates cleaning their home.

1 Use Shower Gel

The fats and oils in bars of soap will leave a buildup on your shower door, shower curtain or tiles. It is the fats and oils in many soaps that leave this film. Shower gels on the other hand act more like your dish detergent, they don’t have the same properties and leave less residue behind. Use a good shower gel.


2 Easy way of cleaning

There are many small items in your house that you probably hate cleaning. Things like:
• Toys
• Hairbrushes
• Shoes
• Fixtures
These items are tough to clean and often end-up being soaked in hot water and scrubbed with a toothbrush. Don’t do that, put them in your dishwasher. Your dishwasher temperature is boiling and will wash away most of the dirt and grime and leave these small items super clean.


3 Clean your microwave

The microwave is a modern convenience that often gets forgotten about. When was the last time you looked at the inside the roof of the microwave? It gets pretty nasty in there. Get a glass or ceramic bowl and fill it half way with water and lemon slices. Now add a dash of vinegar. Put in your Microwave and cook until boiling. Remove and wipe down the walls inside your Microwave. Super easy!

4 Clean your stove

Not everyone has a glass top stove and cleaning under the burners can be challenging. Skip cleaning this area next time by putting stove-top liners underneath your burners. These gas stove protectors will catch all of the food and dripping sauces and make it easier to clean your stove next time.


5 Easy blender cleaner

Let the blender clean itself next time so you can avoid getting cut on the blades. When you are done blending, rinse it out with hot water and then refill halfway with hot water and then add dish soap. Now press the blend button and watch it clean itself. Blend for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

There you have it, five easy tips to make cleaning around the home quicker and easier. For the big jobs in your house, give us a call when you need your house cleaned.

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