Five Upper Valley Residential Cleaning Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Summer is finally over, and we have to say goodbye to the warm sunny days and cold nights. One of our favorite times of the year is summer with trips to the ocean.The smell of the salt air, soaking in the hot sun and sand between our toes. Those are the days of summer that will be missed as the fresh, crisp air moves in pushing its way into our lives in New England.

Each year we think of spring cleaning after a long cold, bitter winter. We welcome the spring air and flowers and the thaw of all of the ice and snow. Spring cleaning seems to be hard-wired into us after a long winter. However, what about cleaning up after the summer? This is not thought of on a regular basis. Why not take care of all of the dust, spider-webs, streaks on the windows, etc. before the bitter cold and snow get here. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the winter season.

1 It’s dirty! Yes clean your furnace

 You have been running your furnace all year and now is the perfect time to get it cleaned and inspected. One of the benefits of getting this done is a good cleaning will help your furnace to run more efficiently throughout the winter. If you do not run your furnace on a regular basis throughout the year, the inside can build up corrosion, dirt, and grime, and that reduces the life of the furnace.

2 Get the duster out and dust

I do not know about you, but when the kids run in and out of the house all summer long, dust tends to build up in piles. Pull out the duster and dust everywhere. Don’t use a duster that pushes it around either. Spend a little extra to get the Swiffer or comparable product that will trap the dust and remove it. Get the shelves, baseboards, windows, behind stuff and all of the high hard to reach spots. This will help improve the air quality during the winter months.

3 Wax on, Wax off!

Wait, that is supposed to be spray on wash off! This is a great time to get a good upper valley residential cleaning company out to the house and wash all of those hard to reach windows that you have been putting off all year. The have some excellent tools that will reach all of those hard to reach windows, making them sparkle. Who wants to look through grimy windows in the winter?

4 Wash the kitchen ceiling? Really

Yes, we are not kidding here. Have you ever thought of how much grime the stove vent did not catch that ended up on the ceiling? The film and funk from cooking does end up on the ceiling, on the cabinet doors and light fixtures. The same goes for the walls in your kitchen, get to washing all of the grime away before the cold weather gets here.

5 Get the coats ready

Pull out all of those jackets that you packed away last spring. Go through all of the closets and see what clothes you do not need anymore. Pair up the mittens and get a wicker basket to put them near the door for the kids. Get the boots out and make sure all of the laces are in good shape and spray water protectant on them. Check all of the jackets for holes and worn spots. Replace anything that needs to be replaced before the winter weather is here.

Key Take-a-ways:

By getting doing a fall cleanup inside your house and outside, you will be fully prepared for the onslaught of cold winter snow and rain that is coming our way. Here are some key things to think about while preparing for the winter months.

  1. Stock up on batteries and get rid of the old ones. Don’t leave batteries loose in a drawer, put them in a case so the contact points will not connect with metal and start a fire.
  2. Test all of the fire detectors in the house and replace all of the batteries. Don’t forget the carbon dioxide detectors.
  3. Check your fire extinguisher, maybe replace it with a new one.
  4. Keep a small supply of canned food and fresh water available in case of extreme power outages.

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