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Carpets do make a home feel more comfortable. Carpets are warm on your feet during the winter months and there is something about the soft cushion of a carpet on your feet. You’re welcome to lie next to the heater or fireplace and watch tv or read a good book. Carpets are the making of a comfortable home because they are a long term purchase. Here are some tips to care for the carpets in your house:

Lint Rollers

Sometimes when you vacuum it seem like you just can’t get all of the hair and crumbs off the carpet in your house. This is a common issue when you have long hair or a pet that has long hair in your house. The simple solution is to purchase lint rollers and roller those problematic areas free of stubborn particles. Depending on the carpet you may spend a couple minute or more picking up that hair or crumbs that you vacuum couldn’t get.

Hair and Furniture

Pet hair is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner. Lint rollers might also not get all of the hair off your furniture. If your furniture has short hair stuck on it, get a squeegee. These work great on smooth-surfaced furniture. It might be intended for windows, but it is great to dislodging hair when you pull it towards you.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a great solution when you are trying to house break your cat or dog. They will have accidents and baking soday is a great solution to quickly get rid of the urine odor and then blot away the rest of the liquid.

Ice and Gum

Gum is never a good thing on your carpets, but it is bound to end up there at some point. It seems impossible to remove because it is so sticky, but that is not the case. The main problem with gum is that it is still soft when it gets stuck in your carpet. First thing you will need is an ice cube. Hold the ice on the gum for 3-5 minutes until it hardens. Once it is hard, you should be able to scrape it off your carpet with little or no damage.

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