How to hire a residential cleaning service for the first time


Are you a busy professional? Do you find yourself at the end of the day tired and running out of time? Like most people that work a full-time job, you find cleaning the home is one of the things on the list that is last. You have found yourself in a spot that hiring a cleaning service makes the most sense in helping you keep the house clean on a regular basis. However, how do you go about hiring a residential cleaning service?

Here are some tips to think about when you start looking for a residential cleaning service for the first time. Here are five tips to hiring someone for your home.


1 Interview more than one

When you find some of the many cleaning companies that are out there, you will need to weed through the field to find the right one that fits your needs. Don’t hire the first one that you find. Interview each company and ask specific questions. Are they a large company? Are they going to send the same person each week?           


2 Licensed or not

When you are interviewing potential cleaning companies, ask for licenses, certifications and proof of insurances. You do not just to take someone’s word that they are a licensed professional with the proper insurances. What if they break something while in your home? What if someone gets hurt while cleaning in your home. Who is going to pay the medical bills? These are the things that you want to know ahead of time before you hire a company.


3 Check the pricing

Most professional companies will take a quick walk through of the building that they are going to clean to give a proper estimate of the work to be done. Make sure that the pricing is very clear and in writing, detailing everything that is going to be done. You want to ensure that your bill is consistent each week, and there are no invoice surprises. If you have something extra that needs to be done, get an estimate on that too.


4 Hire an individual or a company

Many small cleaning companies are sole proprietors (the one man show). There are advantages to both, but one thing to be aware of is when you hire an individual to make sure that they are paying all of their taxes and social security. Ask for a copy of their EIN (Employment Identification Number), and their LLC or DBA documents. This will ensure that you do not get stuck paying for them instead. Have your accountant review these with you too.


5 Cleaning Supplies and labor

Talk to the cleaning company about who is responsible for all of the cleaning supplies and equipment. Most cleaning companies bring their equipment and cleaning products. This may be a red flag if they require you to have a vacuum ready or cleaning products available. The other thing that should be decided ahead of time is how many people are going to be in your home cleaning at any time. This will relate to the number of man hours that you will be paying for to have them clean your home. If you have two people cleaning for one hour, that will be two man-hours of labor.



The more information that you can learn about the company ahead of time the better off you will be and more comfortable you will be in hiring them. Get everything down in a contract or estimate with details of the work being done. Don’t leave anything to guessing, this will avoid any problems that may arise with billing and expectations.

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