Residential Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Great

The carpeting in your home is a significant investment in your house. With this investment that just improved the aesthetics of your home comes a cleaning regiment to keep it looking great for years to come. There are many reasons why you should keep it clean but have you thought about implementing a maintenance plan from the beginning. This goes beyond just vacuuming the carpet every day too. Here are five valuable ways to apply a maintenance plan to keep your carpet looking great.

1. Soil Prevention Strategy

Stop the dirt before it even gets into your house. Put a mat outside of the doorways to your house, so people can wipe their feet before they enter in. Get a mat that will scrap the debris from the bottom of their shoes like a soil-removal mat. Don’t forget to have an inside mat also, these are great for absorbing the water that comes in. Putting a mat on the inside will also trap up to eighty percent of the moisture and remaining debris.

2. Vacuum routine

Routinely cleaning your carpeting in your home goes beyond once a month. You need to create a schedule that maps out how and where you are going to clean and at what frequency. Vacuuming, moving things around should be set to a schedule of once per week. Don’t forget to lift the carpet up and clean underneath. This will help to reduce the dirt and allergens that are lurking there.

3. Spot and Spill Care

Carpets near the entryways are always going to get more traffic and stains. Don’t leave those stains to settle in. Get out the spot remover and clean them up right away. Determine what type of stain it is. If it is a synthetic stain, then use a stain remover that has a reducing agent. If it is an organic stain, use an oxidizing agent to remove the stain.

4. Interim High traffic cleaning

These are the areas in your home that get the dirtiest the fastest in your home. When you have an off-white or tan carpet, you will notice that there is a darkening near doorways and other high traffic areas. Schedule an interim carpet cleaning a couple times per year to keep this at bay. Interim cleanings focus on the high traffic areas that are soiled the most. If you do not clean these, then it will affect the integrity of the carpet over time.

5. Deep cleaning your carpet

Deep cleaning is just as it sounds. Depending on how much traffic you have coming and going you may want to have a deep cleaning twice a year. Normally this is once a year. A deep cleaning is when you hire in a professional company to extract accumulated soils and cleaning residues at a high intensity to maximize the removal of all embedded soils in your carpet. By performing a deep cleaning, you preserve the carpet aesthetics and life cycle as well as any warranties you might have on the carpeting.

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