Commercial Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning includes many of the same services required for cleaning a residence, only with a more regimented schedule that needs to take into account the regular and sometimes irregular hours of the industry involved. In addition, the traffic for a business is heavier than that for a home and the wear and tear for every industry has different centers of focus. At Goodrich Cleaning, we understand that every business and building has its own personality, and we design our cleaning service plan to suit.  

Our customers’ facilities include:

Our commercial cleaning services cover:

  • Scheduling as needed: daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly.
  • Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, carpet cleaning, break rooms, bathrooms, garbage disposal, and other janitorial services.
  • We will do windows.
  • We will come in to clean before and after conferences and other special events.
  • Special jobs include move-in/move-out cleaning and post-renovation/ remodeling cleanup.

All of our commercial cleaning services share these important features: Fair and honest pricing. We tell our customers what needs to be done to get the job done right, and we tell them exactly how much that will cost. We don’t skimp on bids only to stuff invoices with overcharges later. We do what it says on the quote, at the cost we quoted.  


Personalized attention

We always consult with the customer when planning a job, to make sure we are accommodating their schedules and requirements, not ours. We fully assess the customer’s cleaning needs, and then we assign a dedicated team to complete the work. For a multi-day job or regularly scheduled cleaning, the same team returns to finish or repeat the job, so every worker always knows exactly what needs to be done. If one of the team isn’t able to work on a scheduled day, we never send out a substitute without other team members who have already worked on that job before.

Cleaners who enjoy what they’re doing

We’ve worked hard to make Goodrich Cleaning Services an enjoyable company to work for, and our staff is a big part of that. They share Dennis Goodrich’s attention to detail and ingrained belief that every job they do reflects back on them. They share the same satisfaction at making sure the customer is satisfied. Working with people who share those ethics makes the work fun.

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