Three Things Your Office Cleaning Should Include

Most offices in the Hanover and Lebanon have gotten busy this year compared to last year due to COVID-19. A busy typical office day includes people running late, meetings, appointments with different people in and out of your office, spilling coffee, microwaves running during break and lunch and more. Because of many of these things that take place every day, most office over look the need to deep clean.

Many offices have janitorial services that come in at the end of the day after everyone has gone home and do a routine sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down of surfaces, throwing away the trash and an occasional wiping of the top of your desk. This is not enough though!

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Three Things Your Office Cleaning Should Include 2

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

A simple routine cleaning of your office is fine, but it is not enough to get rid of COVID-19, flu and other viruses and germs. A deep cleaning of your office atleast four times a year is recommended to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. A deep cleaning from trained professionals on how to disinfect and what type of cleaners should be used in your office space is necessary. There are many harmful allergens that your staff are exposed to throughout the day like, dust, pollen, mold, germs that get stuck on curtains, microwaves, and other places in your office.

Two Things Your Office Should Always Include In a Deep Cleaning

Hard to reach places

Hard to reach places in office cleaning often get overlooked because there is a time commitment to stay on track for the nightly cleaning. They also get overlooked because they are hard to reach. This might include on top of your air conditioner, vents, ledges, corners with cobwebs and more. Tall cupboards and cabinets, we use a microfiber cloth to get all the dust buildup and fore stainless steel furniture, we use a furniture polish to ensure they are cleaned and polished properly.

Forgotten Vents, Baseboards and Window Ledges

Bacteria can easily build up on your floors, baseboards and window ledges. Spilled drinks and food lead to ugly stains that can stink and are sticky. There eye sores can turn away customers and future investors. Your janitorial service should move all the furniture and wipe down the baseboards, window ledges and vents 4 times per year. This will help to keep stains and germs at bay during winter season where flu and colds are more prevalent.

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