Top Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Service

How clean is your office reception area? Maybe you have never thought about it, but the first thing your customers do when they enter the building is to scan the room and they notice everything.  From tiny scraps of paper on the floor to the streaks on the windows, their eyes take it all in and that may give the impression of laziness. If your office staff handles the cleaning chores during downtime they may not be doing as thorough a job due to the demands of business.

Cleaning it Yourself:

  1. Doing the cleaning yourself is cost effective when done during business hours and by staff already on the time clock but the results will not be consistent because cleaning habits vary from one person to another.
  2. Employees will not have the time to do things like window cleaning, vacuuming draperies and cleaning blinds while tending to customers and taking phone calls. 
  3. Nobody likes to clean bathrooms and this is one job that people often hurry though because it is a dirty job. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company
You may have considered hiring a professional cleaning service in the past but decided against it because of cost. For a lot of small businesses it is easy to assume that having their employees do the cleaning saves them money and it does, but in the long run you are trading one problem for another in terms of cleanliness and the health of visitors as well as staff members. What seems clean to one person may be different to another.

A dirty environment literally makes people sick.  Germs and bacteria can be found many places including telephone receivers, door knobs, sink faucet handles, break room refrigerators, computer keyboards, trash bins, counters, toilet seats and etc.  When someone is sick in an environment like this it is easy for those germs to spread to others. An article posted on U.S. News/Money titled “How dirty is your office” offers ideas for keeping down the spread of germs in the office.

It is important for public areas to be clean to preserve the health of staff and visitors. Here are the top 10 benefits of using a professional cleaning service versus doing the cleaning yourself. If you are on the fence about it, this may just convince you that this is a better option and the cost is well worth it.

Benefits of a Cleaning Service:

  • Better cleaning efficiency
  • High quality professional results
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Top of the line cleaning equipment and appliances
  • Cost is determined by frequency of service
  • Saves money by not hiring separate window cleaners, floor finishers and carpet cleaners
  • Cleaning can be done after hours so as not to disrupt the flow of business
  • Scheduled weekly according to business needs
  • Frees up employees to be more productive
  • A cleaner environment means less sick days

Hiring a professional cleaning service may cost a bit more, but it brings peace of mind that everything is as clean as it can be and your customer’s first impression is a positive one.

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