Upper Valley Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Carpet This Winter

Taking care of stains on your carpeting will have a direct impact on the appearance of your home and business. However, proper carpet care is one of the most important factors in determining the longevity of your carpets. Here are Upper Valley Cleaning tips to protect your carpet this winter until spring flowers bloom. 

A Winter Challenge

Even the best of preventative measures can be thwarted during the winter time. Elements from the outside seem to find a way into your building and onto your carpets. During the winter season, the worst of the culprits are salt and sand. Most commercial properties today use a mixture of salt and sand to keep you safe. Parking lots, sidewalks, stairways and ramps are laid down with salt and sand to prevent slips and falls at the workplace. 

So, how do you keep all of that salt and sand out of the building? First, you have to ask yourself a few questions about your building and the traffic flow. 

  1. How many entry points do you have in the building? 
  2. What is the volume of traffic during the day? 
  3. What time of day has the highest amount of traffic? 
  4. What type of doors do you have at your entryways? 

These are just some of the things to consider in your commercial building. These will also affect how to plan out your strategy to combat salt and sand in the winter. 

Commercial Solutions

In your building, you can’t stop sanding and salting for safety reasons during the winter, but you can put things in place on the inside. 

  • Inside the doorway put down mats that collect the water, salt, and sand. Put them in the high traffic areas and make sure they extend at least 10-20 feet into the building. 
  • Salt and sand will carry for little ways before the bottoms of shoes are clean. 
  • This will also help to cut down on the amount of snow that is carrying into the building and reducing water damage to your carpets. 
  • If you can, put a snow / shoe brush outside your doors for people to brush their feet. It’s not practical in a large setting like a mall, or hospital. If you have a small/medium office, then it will help keep things cleaner in the winter. 
  • Vacuum the rugs / floors ever night or during the slowest times of the day in your building. The key is not letting the salt and sand to grind into your carpets. That means removing the salt and sand as often as possible. One way to keep track of this is to develop a cleaning strategy for your building and integrate that into your regular cleaning program. 
  • Hire an Upper Valley Cleaning Service to come into your building a couple times during the year to clean your carpets. These systems are professional grade and go beyond your store bought a rug cleaner. The get deep into the carpet with steam, high-pressure water, and high-pressure suction to remove all the water. This results in faster dry times and a cleaner looking carpet. 

The Residential Home

What if you are at home? Here’s are things to think about for your home. 

  1. What type of doorway do you have at home? 
  2. How large is the entryway into your house? 
  3. Do you have a mud room to buffer the rest of your house? 
  4. Which way does the door swing? Does it swing into your house or out? 
  5. What type of flooring do you have in the entryway of your home? 

Residential Solutions

The home is different than a commercial building, but not so different. Some of the same tactics that a commercial company would use can be applied to the home environment. 

  1. Make sure you entryway is clean and clear. Then put down entry mats on the exterior and interior of your doorway. The exterior mats are going to be thick and bristly to catch and brush all the salt and sand away. The interior mats are going to a lower pile mat that has a rubber backing to catch the remaining salt/sand. These mats are also great at reducing the amount of water spread into the house onto your carpets. 
  2. When it snows, kids will want to play outside in the snow, and when they come in, they de-robe and track all the snow into your house. The entryway of your home is the first line of defense, but consider putting a clear mat down on your rugs leading from the entryway into your house. This will help to reduce water further, salt, and sand from being tracked onto your carpets. 
  3. Create a designated mud/snow room or spot in your entryway that nobody can go past without de-robing from their winter gear. This is where the coats, mittens, gloves, boots, hats, shoes and anything that can get muddy, snowy or wet lives. 
  4. Make a plan to vacuum your entryway more often during the winter months to further prevent salt/sand from tracking in. Consider hiring an Upper Valley Cleaning service to come in twice a year and shampoo your carpets. This will keep them cleaner longer and extend the life or you carpets beyond the normal life span. 

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