Upper Valley House Cleaning Winter Allergy Proofing Hacks

It is almost impossible to get completely rid of allergens in the home. Who would want to live in a bubble that is allergen free each day? That doesn’t sound like any fun. If you have suffered from allergies at any time in your life, you understand how difficult it can make a life. There are easy, inexpensive ways to reduce the allergens in your home with or without Upper Valley House Cleaning Services. Here are some tips to get you started. 

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What do you need for tools? 

You will need some good tools to get started in your home. Here are the preferred tools you will need. 

  • A good vacuum with a HEPA filter (canister preferred)
  • Allergen pillowcase cover
  • Allergen mattress cover)
  • Microfiber dusting cloth (for all low areas)
  • Microfiber duster on a pole (for hard to reach spots)


Where to get started

One of the first steps is reducing the number of carpets in your home. Hardwood floors don’t trap dust and dirt like carpets. Hardwood floors are easier to clean too. Dust mites love carpeting and anything they can set up camp in and breed in. 

If you are determined to have rugs in your house, stay away from thick pile rugs. They trap more dirt and dust mites than a low-pile carpet. Avoid putting carpeting the bedroom. If you don’t like the cold floor in the morning, get a pair of slippers or put a low-pile area rug down.

Remember the goal is to reduce the number of areas in your house that trap allergen. You should hire a company once or twice a year to perform Upper Valley House Cleaning Services. These services give your home a deep clean that you may not think of during the year. 


Clean more often

It can be challenging to get the vacuum out on a daily basis and clean the floors in the house. Buy a re-usable microfiber dust mop. They are not as effective as vacuums, but they are easier to use. Dust mops do a good job trapping potential allergens in the tight spots. 


Clean the bedroom

One of the areas of your house you should focus on is the bedroom. This is where you spend the majority of your lifetime. Dust mites over time develop naturally in your mattress and pillow cases. Get some allergy covers for your pillows and mattress and box springs. They make them now with a soft fabric and not the hard plastic covers. 

Are you a reader? Bookcases in the bedroom are not recommended by Upper Valley Cleaning Services and allergists. They are notorious for collecting dust. Another item to keep out of the bedroom is upholstered furniture. They trap dirt and dust in several places and will aggravate your allergies. 


Take your shoes off

Another way to reduce allergens in your home is to adopt a shoe free zone. Keep a shoe rack at the entrance of your home and insist people take their shoes off there. This will help to reduce the number of allergens that get tracked throughout your house. 


Pets and allergies

Pets are great for the family, but they can track allergens into the home too. Do your pets go outside? You can reduce dander in the home if you keep your pets outside more than inside as much as possible. 


The bedrooms

Try to keep your pets out of the bedrooms. This is the area that people sleep, and your pets will track dander, dust and dirt into the bedroom.  


The furniture

Keeping the pets off the furniture, carpets and beds can reduce exposure to allergens. Your upholstered couch and chairs are the perfect breeding ground for allergens. By keeping fluffy off the furniture, you will keep them clean longer, reduce the wear and tear, lessen the number of allergens and dirt. 


Wash and Comb

If you have a dog or cat, you know that it doesn’t take long for them to smell not so great. Give you pets a bath every couple months and comb them out. Bathing them will help to reduce the dirt and allergens they track into the house. Grooming them on a regular basis will keep the loose hair at bay and further reduce allergens in the home too. 


Clean your heating system

If you have a central heating / cooling system, this is a great time of year to change those air filters. Get new filters that are HEPA filters. They will trap more allergens and provide you with clean air. 

If you have baseboard heating elements, these are notorious for trapping lint in them. You do want to be careful when cleaning these. You don’t want to bend any of the fins. This will affect the performance of the heating elements. Get a can of compressed air and blow all of the dust through the fins. Everything will end up on the floor where you can vacuum it up. 


Get a room air purifier

Most people get an air purifier to ease allergies and asthma throughout the year or seasonal. Air purifiers do help to alleviate these symptoms dramatically. It is challenging to find the right one that will actually clean the air in your house. 

There are may variables to think about when choosing the right air purifier. Don’t focus on the cheapest model, they often don’t do an adequate job for the room or house. 

Here is a buying guide from Consumer Reports. They also have reviews of what is good and what is junk. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/air-purifiers/buying-guide.htm



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