Upper Valley Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide pt1

Spring is the perfect time of year to tackle a good cleaning around your home. As the temperature outside rises and bring birds, warm air, green grass and spring flowers to your home, you should get into the deep cleaning mode and tackle these Upper Valley Ultimate Spring Cleaning tasks. 

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Spring Cleaning: Wash Your Windows

Make sure you pick an overcast day to clean your windows. If you clean them on to hot of a day, they’ll dry fast leaving streaks on all of your windows. Water and vinegar combined with a microfiber cloth does a great job in cleaning those windows. 

  1. Do the Karate Kid! Cleaning coach Leslie Reichert suggests cleaning with two microfiber cloths. Dedicate one to wiping with a cleaner of your choice and the other for wiping it off! 
  2. Get rid of the chemicals! Water and a microfiber cloth does a great job. If you need a little extra power, combine white vinegar with water in a 50/50 solution. 
  3. Don’t use newspaper. Newspaper does a great job of not leaving streaks, but there a lot of chemicals in the newspaper. The ink comes off on your hands. 
  4. Beak up the job! Breaking up cleaning your windows inside and out can be extremely daunting in one shot. Break up the job into 1/4. Clean one side of the house over the next few days. 
  5. Clean like a pro and forget the microfiber cloths. Get a squeegee to wipe your windows down after you apply your cleaner. Make sure you don’t clean in direct sunlight as it will streak. 


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Spring Cleaning: Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are probably not the first place you would think of adding to your spring cleaning list. Get out the vacuum and get all of the debris out of the tracks. Use a toothbrush to get into the tracks with hard to remove dirt and grime. Once you have vacuumed everything up, wipe down with a sponge. If you need to spray a little bit of WD-40 to help those doors slide back and forth. Dirt over time gets trapped under the doors and makes them hard to slide. 


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Spring Cleaning: Look Overhead

Look up in each room of your house. These are the spots that get missed throughout the year. Give your baseboards, door frames, on-top of the cabinets and walls a good wipe down. Wash them with a sponge and some white vinegar and water solution in a bucket of hot water. You’ll be amazed the amount of dirt and dust you find that collects over the winter months. 

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