Upper Valley Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide pt2

In our last post, we kicked off the spring cleaning with some tips from our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide. Here is part two of that guide. 

Spring Cleaning: Deep Clean Your Carpets

To properly maintain your carpet’s warranty, you need to have it deep cleaned on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets every 12 to 18 months. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine, but those machines don’t get as deep and do as good of a job as a professional cleaning company. Here are the best ways to keep your carpets clean in between deep cleanings. 

  1. Go Slow when vacuuming your carpets. Rushing over the surface of the carpet won’t allow the vacuum to suck up some of that deep down dirt trapped in the fibers. Most cleaning companies train their employees to go over a spot three times to make sure it is clean. 
  2. Get a vacuum that fits your needs. If you have hardwood floors in your house, then a vacuum with a beater brush may not be a good fit, but it would be great for a house with carpeting. 
  3. Maintain your vacuum. Most consumers buy a vacuum and change the bag when it is full, but don’t do anything else to maintain the machine. Vacuums stop working over time due to lack of care. A decent vacuum should last you 5-10 years says Amanda Thomas founder of Domestic CEO podcast. 
  4. Go Pro and hire a professional company to deep clean your carpets once a year. They get deep into the fibers of the carpet and revive the texture, look, and smell. Increasing the indoor air quality of your home and the appearance. 

Spring Cleaning: Move The Furniture

How many times have you had your home cleaning, or you vacuumed your house to only vacuum around the existing furniture? Grab a partner and move your furniture around and get those hard to reach spots. You’ll be amazed at what is under those chairs and couches. Pull everything away from the wall, vacuum, wipe the floor down with a wet mop and then put everything back. We have often found toys, dirt, dust bunnies and other things under our furniture. 


Spring Cleaning: Freshen Up Your Furniture

Depending on what type of furniture you have in your home, you may want to get that leather or cloth covered furniture cleaned after a long winter. Use a suede brush to perk up leather. For wood furniture, us a natural cleaner by mixing olive oil and 1/2 cup of vinegar and lemon juice into a spray bottle. Don’t spray directly onto the furniture. Spray your microfiber cloth and wipe down the furniture. Use a second cloth to remove any excess, leaving your wood furniture looking great. 

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