Upper Valley Window Cleaning: The Truth About Window Panes

Windows are an essential part of your home. Without windows, you would not be able to see the great outdoors. Window technology has significantly improved over the years as well as Upper Valley Window Cleaning techniques. In the 1800’s windows were only single pane and were held together with bars in between the panes of glass. In performing Upper Valley Window Cleaning services in the region, we see a lot of windows and how effective they in your home. Here is the truth about window panes and how they affect your life at home.

Upper Valley Window Cleaning

History of the window

Single Pane Windows have been around for many years dating back to the frontier years of this great country. In the late 1800’s windows with double panes started being produced. They were not very efficient during that time period and not the same as the windows that we have today. The technology had not been invented yet to effectively and economically produce double pane windows. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that CD Haven invented the true double pane window, where two panes of glass were bonded together in a single frame.  


Double and triple pane windows today are very common today as replacement windows and new installation windows. They are more efficient in keeping the heat inside your home and the cold out during the winter months and vice versa during the summer months.


Broken Window?

Have you ever notice that the windows in your home are fogged over? This is caused by a term known as “broken seal.” You might ask yourself, “how did this happen?” You might have been told when you bought the windows that they are fail proof. There really is not such thing as fail proof windows. This is a myth. If the windows in your home are properly maintained, they will last anywhere from 10 -20 years. There are many factors that contribute to how long your windows may last.


Factors that cause window failure

One of the most common elements that cause window failure is the sun. Typically south facing and west facing windows will fail first because these are the areas of your home that get the most sunlight. This is also another reason solar installers want you to have a south facing roof. When the sunlight hits the window, it heats up the air in between the window panes. As you know, when things heat up they expand. This expansion pushes air out through the seals. After the sun sets and the air begins to cool, it contracts and draws air and humidity. It is this cycle that eventually causes the double pane or triple pane seals to fail over time. It puts stress on the seals each time they expand and contract.


How manufacturers combat window failure

Most window manufacturers when building double and triple pane windows pump gases like argon or xenon into the space with a desiccant to trap any moisture that may get in between the panes.


How to maintain your windows

Like any home, your windows need to have regular care each year. It is suggested that you clean and check your every six months. With that said, what are the most important ways to care for the windows in your home?

First, when you are cleaning your windows, you don’t ever want to scratch your windows. Here are some basic do’s and don’t’s of cleaning your windows.

  1. If you are renovating your home or building new, make sure you protect your windows. Construction dust and other chemicals can cause a film on your windows that will cause staining or damage to the glass.
  2. If you are going to clean your windows, never clean with any type of abrasive cleaners. Vinegar and water works great to clean with a micro-fiver cloth.
  3. If you have a home with a high-performance glass or reflective glass, be very careful in cleaning. It is recommended that you follow manufacturer’s suggestions or hire a professional Upper Valley Window Cleaning company to clean them for you.
  4. Never use metal scrapers to remove paint or any other debris that may have gotten on your windows.
  5. Don’t scrub your windows with a scrub brush, scouring pad or anything that is abrasive. It will scratch the window pane.
  6. Avoid any cleaners that have the chemicals hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid as they will corrode the surface of the glass.
  7. Don’t clean the glass while it is hot or in direct sunlight. The best time of day to clean is in the morning when the glass is cool to touch.
  8. Avoid using adhesives on the glass as they can damage the surface and leave a sticky residue on the window.
  9. Don’t use your garden hose or a high-pressure washer to clean your windows. They were not designed to withstand the high pressure of water pounding on the glass. The high pressure will cause leaks in the seals and/or break the glass.


Paint on the glass

Paint spots traditionally get removed with a sharp razor blade. If not properly done with great care, the razor blade can severely damage the windows. The last thing you want to happen to a new home with high-performance windows is to cause scratches over the surface. Typically when using a scraper on your windows, you should hold it at a 30-degree angle and gently scrape the paint off the window. BE CAREFUL with tinted glass, surface coated or modified windows. They will require special care to clean. This is where an Upper Valley Window Cleaning surface can properly clean and care for your windows without causing damage.


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