What Are The Worst Things To Spill On Your Carpet?

Anything that you spill on your carpet can ruin it, but there are some things that stain your carpet worse than others. Here are some of the worst things you can spill on your carpets.


Even if you are cautious, accidents still happen around your home. If you spill blood on your carpet, the first thing to do is tend to your injury! After you have safely taken care of your wound, you will need to clean up the blood stain.

Don’t use any cleaner, get an enzyme laundry detergent and warm water to clean up the spill. The enzymes will help to remove the biological matter.


Bleach is great for removing stains in your laundry when added to water in the washer machine. However, if you get bleach on your carpet, the stain can be very hard to remove. There really isn’t much you can do to remove a bleach stain. The best step is to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Red Wine

Red wine stains can cause a lot of damage to your carpets. Not only can red wine stain your carpets, but they are also acidic and can further ruin the fibers in your carpets. The best step is to get some club soda and blot the red wine stain. Don’t scrub the stain! If the club soda doesn’t work, get some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, mix together and scrub until the stain disappears.


Chocolate is one of the yummiest foods on the planet, but it also can be very damaging. You definitely don’t want this on your carpet. Chocolate melts and gets deep into the fibers and pad underneath. Try to clean up the chocolate as soon as possible. Once it is melted it will be very difficult to remove.


coffee is perhaps the most loved beverage of America. But as is the case with just about any beverage, the dangers of spilling are always present and making matters worse, the possibility of doing permanent damage to clothes or surfaces like carpet are perhaps more of an issue with coffee.

Trust us: the following six methods work well if and when you spill your certified organic coffee on anything: your carpet, clothes, table, or even your dog (we’re kidding, of course)! Store-bought cleaners offer very little in the way of competition for these solutions, and our recommendations are safer to have around the house, especially if you have small children or animals.

Remember the first rule of cleaning up a coffee stain: it’s always best to get to stains as early as possible to minimize the damage. If you leave the stain unattended for too long, it could become pernicious and haunt your every waking moment. Now read on for 6 easy ways to remove coffee stains in the house.

Method #1: Blot With Water

The first step to take with any offensive coffee stain is to gently blot it with water. Coffee itself is a water-based liquid, so this would in effect dilute the stain. Wet a paper towel and try to convince that coffee stain to get out of town, and blot it several times.

If you are concerned that this method will just simply not do the trick, then try rubbing a little hand soap into the stain, as well. Even if your carpet is a pristine snow white, and the coffee you prefer is a dark French roast, don’t despair. We have five other excellent methods for you to try below.

Method #2: Club Soda

Club soda isn’t just for cocktail time; it can also be used to get rid of coffee stains. If you are out on the town and accidentally spill some of this (typically morning to afternoon beverage) on your clothes, blot at it with a little bit of club soda. It will remove the stain almost immediately. This method can also be used at home, for your carpet or clothing.

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